About Faculty



Faculty of Theology has been opened in 17/02/2012 with the decision of Council of Ministers.


The faculty admitted its first undergraduate students in 2012-2013 Academic Year. Along with one-year prep class focused on Arabic Language, period of study is five years.  

Physical Structure

Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University (BAIBU), one of the noteworthy universities in our country, located in an area surrounded by natural beauties between two metropolises Istanbul and Ankara. Our faculty is located in the central campus of the university, which is eight km away from the city center, and there are public transportations from different parts of the city to the campus all the day.

Academic Staff and Education

There are 2 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 21 Assist. Professors, 12 Lecturers and 19 Research Assistants in the Faculty of Theology.

There are three main departments within the body of the faculty: Department of Basic Islamic Studies, Department of Philosophy and Islamic Sciences and Department of History and Arts of Islam. There are also several subfields such as Tafsir, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Kalam, Sufism, Arabic Language and Rhetoric, Islamic Philosophy, Sociology of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Logic, History of Islam, Islamic Ethics, Turkish-Islamic Literature and Turkish-Religious Music.

Our Mission

BAIBU Faculty of Theology, by providing researches in the field of Islamic sciences, aims to maintain and transfer versatile Islamic knowledge at the national and international levels. With the formal religious education the faculty takes into account the differences of beliefs in our society for religious services. The faculty has dedicated itself to train cultured and well-equipped theologians who are committed to their national and spiritual values, adopting the ideal of being beneficial to the society and humanity, and who can also think systematically, consistently, and critically.


Our Vision


Our vision is to become a pioneer and well-known theology faculty in our country, sharing the knowledge and values produced in the field of Islamic sciences at the national and international levels.